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About Us

We specialize in Condition Based Maintenance, Precision Maintenance and Reliability Engineering solutions focused on optimizing maintenance and operation costs of our customer's assets for increased Operational Availability and Profitability.

With more than 20 years of experience, we offer a wide array of services tailored to today’s corporate and industrial environment. In PdMTech we provide and recommend the latest instrumentation technology and knowledge available with the most qualified and educated technicians and engineers.

Our commitment to enhance our customer’s technical background and always offer the best maintenance solutions has earned us the trust of our customers in the Caribbean, Latin America Spain and USA.

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Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance Optimization & Reliability Engineering

Maintenance Engineering is the discipline and profession of applying engineering concepts to the optimization of equipment, procedures, and departmental budgets to achieve better maintainability, reliability, and availability of the equipment.

Maintenance, and hence maintenance engineering, is increasing due to rising amounts of equipment, systems, machineries and infrastructures. Since the Industrial Revolution devices, equipment, machinery and structures have grown increasingly complex, requiring a host of personnel, vocations and related systems needed to maintain them.

Reliability engineering deals with the study, evaluation, and life-cycle management of reliability: the ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time. Reliability Engineering is a sub-discipline within Systems Engineering. Reliability is often measured as the probability of not failing, or as the mean time to failure (MTTF) of a non-repairable item.

Operation & Maintenance Optimization Projects:

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Analysis

Failure Modes Effects and Critical Analysis (FMECA)

Failure Data Analysis & Modeling

Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) Analysis

Redesigning of Maintenance Plan

Spare Parts Analysis

Plant Lubrication Optimization Projects & Audits

Total Productive Maintenance

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reliability and maintenance needs.

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Field Services

Since 2001, we have enhanced many Companies Maintenance Programs with our expertise in the areas of precision, preventive and predictive maintenance.

Why to choose us

We determine the asset's health, the maintenance schedule and procedures, and recommend the right time to perform the proper maintenance for the operation.

Predictive Maintenance Technologies: Vibration Analysis, Infrared Thermography, Airborne Ultrasound, Oil Analysis; Process Parameter Monitoring, Motor Current Analysis, Non Destructive Examination: Flaw Detection, Ultrasonic Thickness Test (Tanks/Piping)

Precision Corrective Maintenance embraces the use of high accuracy instrumentation to detect and correct geometrical deviations of static and rotating components, unbalance and eccentricity due to installation errors or wear in rotors, gear backlash, among others usage indicators.

To accomplish this, we employ a combination of highly accurate instrumentation and the expertise of certified professionals for ensuring best in class maintenance practices and high quality repairs.

Rotating Shafts Laser Alignment

Pulley Laser Alignment

OnSite Rotor Dynamic Balancing

Open Gear Backlash Set Up

Machinery Base Plates Flatness and Straightness Measurement

Our service professionals perform testing to make sure your machine was installed and is running properly so you don't experience early stage failures.

Shaft Alignment Verification

Air or Nitrogen leaks detection with ultrasound

Steam Trap check with ultrasound

Operating Parameters check

Vibration Analysis and Balancing check

Machine Foundation Flatness Check

Electrical Unbalance / Loose Connector check with IR

Energy Conservation Surveys

Air / Nitrogen Loss

Steam / Condensate Loss

Some facts about us

20 Years of experience
20+ Team Members
10+ Software usage
5 Average production days

Certification Training

PdMTech is also committed to the continuing education of the professionals in our industry.

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